Christchurch Commercial and Residential Garden Weed and Insect Services, Lawn Weed and Insect Control and Prevention Treatment

Do you want to transform the appearance of your garden? With our weed and insect control and prevention you will need less lawn treatments to restore your garden.

There can be many reasons for needing to change, improve or add interest to your garden;

  • Your garden is a mess
  • You’re considering selling Christchurch home
  • You’d like to turn a neglected backyard into a showcase
  • You’d like to have a raised garden
  • Your garden no longer fits your lifestyle
  • You need your garden to be easy care and child-safe
  • You simply want to change the look of your garden
  • Overgrown trees and hedges are casting too much shade in your garden

The team at Cutting Edge can help you create gardening magic. Whether you need to get weed and insect control or want lawn prevention or a general service of your property. We’ll come to assess your garden and lawn, discuss your requirements and lawn treatment options and advise the best options based on your needs and budget.

Our garden makeover services include:

  • General tidying and weeding
  • Clearing away anything that’s not needed
  • Developing gardens including native, rock, formal, flower and raised gardens
  • Mulching
  • Weed and insect control
  • Commercial property lawn care
  • Landscaping, plant selection and planting
  • Tree and hedge cutting, trimming, pruning and shaping
  • Using bark, pebbles and river stones as features